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We are excited that you want to take part in the new phenomenon Women Talk, and are looking forward to your TALK! 

ABOUT Women Talk
Women Talk resulted from founder Brigitte Lessard combining her passion for helping and supporting women with her love of TED Talks. Brigitte believes that “By sharing their stories women make their communities stronger “and that all women should engage in public speaking at least once in their life, to feel how empowering the experience can be. She knows that women have extremely varied interests, careers, hobbies and passions – all knowledge that should be shared. Women Talk was created to showcase marvelous women and the amazing things they do! 


You are not promoting yourself or your business, nor are you doing a workshop.
You are sharing your story, and by sharing your story, you will open minds and hearts and business will magically happen!


**PLEASE ARRIVE prior to 6:30 PM.

All TALKS must be  20 minutes.

AUDIO-VISUAL We request that all speakers provide any electronic presentation such as Power Point, a minimum of 2 days prior to TALKing.  This will allow us to load it to our computer and have minimal downtime between speakers. Please send all info to 

The talks are for women by women and are meant to inspire and not to be a direct sales pitch. We ask that you focus your talk on what you are passionate about and/ or storytelling. If you have a business, you will get inquiries! For that reason, we ask that you do NOT sell on the microphone. If you wish to promote anything, please let our MC know and she will promote any business, book, CD or event you wish to promote. We also will have a table where you can share information about your business, sell books, give away samples or whatever you choose. We will also make sure to promote all of it on our website and social media.

Only ONE BALLOT per event will be permitted. Talk to our director if you wish to do a draw.

PLEASE INVITE all your friends and family and everyone in your network. Do it early, tickets are limited and we do sell out! Events will be promoted on Facebook, MeetUp, Twitter and our website 

Our goal is for the attendees to have an incredible experience. We want them to feel like they are a part of an amazing tribe!. For this reason, we ask that you be there for the entire night, from the moment the first attendee walks in the door to shake hands and say good-bye when they leave. Having access to you as a speaker makes it more personal and more likely they’ll remember the event and YOU.



THANK YOU for being part of the Women Talk Tribe!


If you have any questions please contact your city director: