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“By Sharing Their Stories, Women Make Their Community Stronger”
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 Strathmore events are every last Thursday of every month


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Our TALKers

Jenna Woods 
Life Lessons & Laughter

After 51 years on the planet, dealing with recurring depression and anxiety, having a child with autism, embarking on a comedy career at age 40, and losing 120 pounds, Lori has learned more than a few life lessons and is known as the human antidepressant. The stories she tells to illustrate these lessons that will leave you gasping for breath (and reaching for a panty liner). After being the keynote speaker at her son’s graduation, where she garnered rave reviews from parents, teachers and most importantly, the grads, Lori was galvanized to share her message with the world. Find your passion, love yourself, live in the moment, learn to deal with haters, banish limiting beliefs and spread love everywhere you go. Be a human antidepressant. Be inspired. Be brave. Live a juicy life filled with laughter.


Bonnie Earl
Letting Go Of The Mask
Bonnie Earl spent 35 years in the public education system as a teacher, counsellor, elementary and secondary school principal inspiring change. After the death of her husband to ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), she felt compelled to work with women. Combining her many years of speaking, teaching, coaching, and the embodiment practices of the Art of Feminine Presence, Bonnie recently founded her own company, Inspire Change Seminars Inc. She is passionate about teaching women who want to make a difference in the world how to embrace their powerful and feminine leader within, so that they can STAND UP, BE SEEN & HEARD, INSPIRE CHANGE. Bonnie is a proud mom to two accomplished daughters and nana to two adorable grandchildren. She is a Reiki Master, QiGong and Feng Shui enthusiast



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Brigitte Lessard

Brigitte Lessard