Brigitte Lessard-Deyell

Brigitte is an entrepreneur and visionary who has spent most of her life supporting and empowering women through numerous female-based businesses. Whether it’s at the microphone or on camera, you will instantly be moved by Brigitte’s larger than life energy.  Passionate about women having the opportunity to share their stories in a positive and uplifting environment, Brigitte created Women Talk; a monthly event which has already spread to six cities across Alberta, with more on the Canada-wide horizon. As a motivational speaker, Brigitte inspires women to celebrate their feminine energy, to speak their truth and stand fully in their power. Brigitte is a Certified Sacred Gifts Guide and has studied and practices the Law of Attraction’s principals for almost 20 years.  She is also compiling an anthology of women’s stories in a book titled When Women Talk: Empowering Each Other One Story at a Time – coming out this spring!





Coming June 2016