DIY Project: Renovate Your Life

“Just like a coat of paint can completely change the look & feel of a room, a new perspective can completely change the look & feel of your life.” ~ Darlis Collinge I am pretty sure that a love for home improvement and Do-it-Yourself projects is genetic. My dad was a contractor and my mom, […]

“Trailblazer on Fire” half day workshop….

By  By Giuliana Giuliano-MeloAngel Intuitive, Author, Mind, Body, Spirit Coach, Reiki practitioner, Prayer Warrior, Kindness Ambassador. My day with “WomenTalk” at “Equine Connection” learning to Blaze a New Trail at the “Trailblazer on Fire” half day workshop….   Wow! What a day I had today!  This was one of the most incredible workshops I have […]

Talk to Strangers… It’s Healthy for You!

Talk to Strangers… It’s Healthy for You! “Social support has been linked to many benefits for both physical and mental health.” — Wikipedia Have you ever noticed that when people talk about ‘getting healthy’, they are most likely referring to physical health (food, exercise and removing habits like smoking). While being aware of how we […]

Mother’s Day

  Celebrating Moms “Everybody wants to save the Earth; nobody wants to help Mom do the dishes.”                                                                                                             ~P.J. O’Rourke Ah, Mother’s Day. This is a day whose roots can be traced to the ancient Greeks and Romans who honored the mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele with festivals and celebrations. Hmmm… mother Goddesses, you say? […]

3 Secrets to Powerful and Authentic Public Speaking

REGISTER HERE Hurry, limited space! Secrets to Powerful and Authentic Public Speaking Do you know the one crucial factor that will make or break your speech every time?Do you know what stops your audience from listening in the first 30 seconds?Do you know what neuroscience has discovered about the way people receive and retaininformation? Overcome stage […]

5 Tips to getting fit and loving it

5 Tips to getting fit and loving it! Discover how busy women CAN SUCCEED with their fitness goals! HOST: Sean Liv DATE: April 2, 2016 TIME: 10 am-1 pm COST: $57 LOCATION: 4208-12 Street NE DESCRIPTION: Are you intimidated by exercise? Are you sick of exercise gimmicks that don’t do anything? Sean will help you […]

Shaping Your Own Destiny

January 30, 2016 10 Am to 4 PM Cost $129 (Limited space) A Fascinating Day of Discovery With Enneagram  & Relationship Expert~ Eileen Head  REGISTER NOW Discover the 4 Stages to Your Destiny Hosted by: Eileen Head A fun day workshop to learn about how these concepts can shape your life: Beliefs – Unconscious programs contaminating your […]


ANNOUNCING OUR Women Talk WORKSHOPS PROGRAM!! I am sooooooooooooo excited to announce our Women Talk Workshops program! As you know, I truly believe that by sharing our stories we make our communities stronger. Well, in 2016 we are going to take that philosophy a step further and we’re going to share our knowledge! If you’re […]