“Trailblazer on Fire” half day workshop….


By Giuliana Giuliano-MeloAngel Intuitive, Author, Mind, Body, Spirit Coach, Reiki practitioner, Prayer Warrior, Kindness Ambassador.

My day with “WomenTalk” at “Equine Connection” learning to Blaze a New Trail at the “Trailblazer on Fire” half day workshop….


Wow! What a day I had today!  This was one of the most incredible workshops I have ever had the blessing to be a part of.  You might be asking what is Women Talk?  Women Talk is an evening gathering where women present and share their stories, thoughts, ideas and experiences.  You will laugh, you will learn and you will be entertained by WOMEN talkers.  The evenings are fast paced and Ted-talk style.  The women are from all walks of life.  Women Talk is growing!  The original night was created by Brigitte Lessard in Calgary, but has expanded to include, Edmonton, Strathmore, and now Red Deer.  With other locations in the works. Women Talk is a growing phenomenon that promises to expand right across Canada.  “By sharing their stories, Women make their community stronger” Brigitte Lessard Founder and CEO.  The next Calgary date is August 17, 2016 from 7 – 9 at the Coast Plaza Hotel.  You can purchase tickets at www.womentalk.ca. For more info you can call (403) 813-1209.


welcomeNow onto the day we had today.   My healing journey has lead me to Brigitte and Women Talk Calgary.  I am not ready to talk just yet, but I am gathering my courage and rewriting my old story from victim to thriver and I am almost ready, so in the meantime I am a part of her social media team. I help share posts on Facebook and Twitter.  It is a volunteer position that I am so proud to have.  I am so happy to be a part of the team.  Because of that, she selected me to join her and her directors today.  I am filled with so much gratitude at this invitation and I couldn’t wait to get to the site just outside of Strathmore, where Equine Connection is.   I couldn’t  wait to meet the horses.  When I walked into the Arena I looked to my left and there was Mr. Jordy.  Jordy is a special addition to the Equine Connection as he is a curly horse.  He is a rare breed with curly hair!  He loves people and is highly intelligent, quick to learn and one of the most sacred teachers I have ever had.  He has a quiet temperament and does not spook or run.   I had an immediate connection with him.  Then I looked around the arena at the other 3 horses and sent them all love and appreciation for their work they were about to do.  I knew I was ready now to have this experience.  I had heard of equine therapy before with healing with autistic children, but I never knew of such a program to empower women! And it is right here in our backyard! 


After having a peek in the arena, we had a welcome by 3 of the loveliest ladies on the team.  Their names are Kari Fulmek, Jan Johnson, and Carolyn Charles.  They facilitated the building safety plan, and a powerpoint on the 6 skills every trailblazing women needs.  They are Courage, Competence, Creativity, Communication, Collaboration and Confidence.  They asked us ” Are we leading our lives? or are we being led?  Is it time for you to map out powerful new dreams and direction for your life?  Why YES it is!! 


Trailblazer on Fire is designed for optimal learning in a hands-on environment where constant teachable moments are facilitated one-on-one to install and ensure women participants move forward with the powerful skills they need to lead dynamic lives. 

horseWhy horses? Horses are the teachers.  They look for strong leadership and are willing to follow, but only after they find respect and trust.  Working with horses in leadership skill development, you can learn to take empowered action, try new behaviours and connect with your passionate self.  The changes that you experiences are immediate… as horses live “in the moment”.  You can’t fool them!!!! 

When we moved to the arena for the first time with the horses, of course I gravitated to my beautiful teacher JORDY.  A partner and I groomed him and then he lay down.  He was very relaxed and seemed to listen to our every word.  The messages he gave me were clear: 1.  JUST BE

  1. REST 3. Don’t sweat the small stuff 4. BREATHE.  My partner saw his rest as him being lazy.  Interesting the way we both got our messages.


Then we regrouped in the classroom and did a quiz on our communication styles.  Very interesting.  I am “connector” and an “influencer”.  I had lessin class qualities of the “doer” and “thinker”.  Although you use all 4 in your life, I am definitely strongest in connecting people.  I am a reliable team player who looks after everyone in my tribe.  I am consistent and caring.  My second one was the Influencer.  They are inspirational, understanding, and encouraging.  Doers tend to be high achievers and leaders and drive necessary results.  No surprise that our own Brigitte Lessard fit into that category!  She is an amazing woman and I am so proud to know her. 

Thinkers tend to excel when they like their work and can think through all angles and contingencies.   It was very interesting to learn my communication style.   I also learned that you have to be able to ADAPT to be a strong leader.


Once again it was time to head into the arena to do some more work with our horse teachers.  I got to work with Brigitte and the horse named Kokanee( those of you from Fernie will laugh at that synchronicity !). 

Kokanee is a friendly Canadian Warmblood gelding, with a super cheeky personality.  He is strong and loves his job.   For this part of the learning we had to work as a team with a short rope and a long rope attached to him.  With these ropes and our minds we had to lead him around specific obstacles.  I was so nervous I forgot all the rules!!  When Kari reminded me of them, I felt grounded again.  Very interesting in that when Brigitte led and I supported, Kokanee did as we intended.  When Brigitte asked me if I wanted to lead, I became less confident and Kokanee felt it and didn’t behave in the same way.  As soon as I surrendered again to the support position, he lead us beautifully.  Brigitte is a strong leader.  She took that horse and lead him like nothing I ever saw before.  I am a leader, but in this instance it felt comfortable allowing Brigitte to lead our 1500 pound teacher and I fulfill the support position.

I learned so so much of myself.  I learned that I am strong.  I have a strong mind  and I am healing.  All of my healing work has brought me to today.  When we completed the tasks successfully, we had time to reflect.  There are no words to explain my experience.. It was a feeling, a knowing and a growth only felt at a soul level.  I manifested this experience for myself. I put it out to the universe and my Divine Team brought me to Brigitte and on to the workshop today.  I have done a lot of healing over the last 5 years.  Today elevated me to that next evolutionary rung on the ladder of our soul growth in earth school.   Today was one of the most sacred days of my life.  I showed up a different me.  I am growing in a garden of the most amazing women and I love each one of them so very much.  Thank you Brigitte for inviting me.  Thank you to Kari, Carolyn, and Jan.  thank you to Jordy, Kokanee and Comet and the other horses.  Thank you mostly to GOD and my Divine Team for bringing me this experience of a lifetime.  I am so blessed.  I am healing.  I am so grateful.

If you want to have this experience you can find them at

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