Summary of Women Talk Meet Up April 16, 2015

 Summary of Women Talk Meet Up April 16, 2015

Brigitte Lessard, Founder of Women Talk

“You can choose comfort, or you can choose courage, but you can’t choose both.”

Brigitte Lessard disclosed how when she first came to Alberta from Sherbrooke, Quebec, she did not speak one word of English. She had to really

stretch herself out of her own comfort zone and continues to do so today. She is the owner of Sports Bras and the founder of Women Talk. Women Talk believes in building community through women sharing their stories. Proceeds from Women Talk go to the YWCA.

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TALKer #1: Cara Fullerton/Healthy Lifestyle and Fitness Coach facebook_white_email twitter_white_email

“I workout because I love my body, not because I hate it.”

After 14 years of waking up at 3 an alarm clock to start her day, reporter and news anchor Cara Fullerton said goodbye to her colleagues at Global Calgary. She realized how important finding a life of balance truly was and is passionate about sharing her first hand knowledge with others. She shared the following tips with us.

3 Rules to Help Find Life Balance:

  1. Be open to change
  2. Have a plan
  3. Start small

5 Baby Steps towards Life Balance:

  1. Life Inventory – Step back and write down everything you do every day. Determine if they are enhancing your life or not. This includes evaluating relationships in our life which is the most difficult thing to do. Eliminate what is not working to bring more of what you want.
  2. Take Care of You First – Refill your “cup” before you give. Say “No” to what won’t charge you.
  3. Move More – “I workout because I love my body, not because I hate it.” It is very important to find something you love to do so that you will continue doing it.
  4. Love Food – Use the 80-20 rule. 80% are the good food that helps the body to function. 20% are the food that she refers to as “soul food” which is food that makes you smile.
  5. See the Good – “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!” Jack Handy, Saturday Night Live

There is also a wonderful study done by Barbara Frederickson on how positive thought and attitude leads to more creativity. A tip is to have an “Awesome Jar” which you put daily words of gratitude into and at the end of the year, take a look at all the awesomeness in your life and celebrate the accomplishments.

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Heather McKercher, Montilla Wealth representative and Sponsor of WomenTalk

“We love to celebrate women and empower one another to live better lives.”

Heather shared a story about the importance of challenging our belief systems through the following example. One couple she had worked with were retiring from an acreage and moving into the city. The husband was concerned as he did not know what they were going to do with their “barn cats”. His wife was surprised by his statement because she said that they didn’t have a barn. The husband countered with the fact that the cats ate mice so that made them barn cats. The wife said that the cats lived in the house and just because they ate mice outside did not make them barn cats. Because the husband had grown up on a farm prior with cats that lived outdoors and lived in the barn, he automatically thought of these cats as “barn cats”.

Heather shared this story to show how belief systems relating to money can be so deeply embedded.

She also shared some interesting stats about women and money:

  1. Women makes less money than men (77 cents to every $1 a man makes)
  2. Most women work fewer years due to having children
  3. Most women live longer than men (the average is 3 years longer)
  4. Most women marry men who are older than them

Currently, over 80% of couples run out of money when they retire. She feels that women should not fight for equality of money, but instead for equality of lifestyle.

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TALKer #2: Eileen Head/Enneagram Expert and Personality Coach facebook_white_emailtwitter_white_email

“Get the love you want.”

We all have learned patterns that were developed in our childhood due to circumstances we grew up with. Eileen shared how she did not realize how damaging these roles can be in relationships. This was highlighted on her 25th wedding anniversary. Her husband was always so busy working and she wanted to go away somewhere nice. Her husband finally agreed to go to Banff and she was looking forward to a weekend of fond memories. She had picked out a very thoughtful gift for her husband and gave it to him in Banff. He said he had just been too busy working to get her anything. They went walking along the street and they came along the Christmas store and she told him she wanted him to go and get her a nice ornament as a gift. He said he didn’t want to. She grabbed him by his coat collar and said, “You go in there and buy me an ornament.” She had wanted validation that their relationship had meant something. He came back out with a gift and she felt like smashing the ornament on the ground, but did not. She did not express her true feelings. She gave up who she was for her relationship. Her and her husband were always nice to one another and did not argue. She ended up staying in the marriage for another 10 years until she got to the point where she could no longer live with him anymore. She said, “I have to leave you for me.”

She then found the Enneagram and realized how important gifts were to her personality type for her to feel loved, appreciated and validated. In reading her husband’s profile, she learned more about him in 30 minutes than in the 35 years of marriage. She was a helper. He was a peacemaker. Helpers look for connection while peacemakers need time alone. When these two individuals are in a relationship both partners believe that they are giving up part of themselves for the other. She learned so much about herself and now knows what her triggers are. She firmly believes that you cannot find your passion or purpose until you know your personality.

Eileen has an Amazon Best Selling book called “Why Can’t I Figure this out.” She literally used her relationship as a case study in it. She is passionate about helping others with relationship struggles. She is so grateful to her husband because he gave her the greatest gift in helping her dig to find out what her part was in the relationship and for him leading her to the Enneagram and this new chapter in her life.

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For the next Women Talk on Wednesday, May 20, Brigitte will have a bra basket for women to donate their old bras. These will then be shipped to Africa to give to women who used to be sex slaves, who then sell the bras to support themselves. The Campaign is called “Free the Girls.”


Susanne Heaton

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